As a result, the Amazigh language adopted other scripts over history and it uses three different writing systems nowadays Figure 1. On that account, it is reasonable to conclude that the combina- 3. In summary, the cursive and lowercase explorations show inter- esting and thought-provoking results, and open new paths to look into. Tamazighte en Tifinaghe, vous devez taper sur: Afriques, debates and readings.

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Mr Mohammed Lguensat was the chosen candidate for the endeavour. Ajouter le bouton Partager ou Like de Facebook dans Blogger. The fact that only one instance of metal type has been found is just one illustration of this scarcity. Some of the lrcam derived from this approach were already pointed out in Section 2. Finally, some examples of the Tii- nagh script obtained during the ield trip are shown in their context.

The interviews held with Mr Youssef Ait Ouguengay1 in Rabat and with Mr Mohammed Lguensat2 in Agadir were fundamental to understanding the dificulties and the chal- lenges involved in these processes.

They are exclusively written in the Arabic script.

Polices et claviers UNICODE

As irrcam general rule, these modiied alphabets are referred to as Neotiinagh. In À la croisée des études libyco-berbères. The irst decade of the 21st century is probably the most inlu- ential regarding the development of digital fonts for Tiinagh and its consolidation as latln script for the Amazigh language. Mettre ce gadget dans votre blog fenêtre Like de Facebook. Regarding their design, the irst digital fonts for Meetei Mayek are also monolinear, as that is how letters had been written or in- scribed in the past.


Most of the original angles are either smoothed or turned into curves. They have to be contextualised in the pursuit of a systematised and uniied script for all the Amazigh languages.

tifinagh latin ircam

The Cursive Adaptation Mechanism In order to determine the general principles of cursiveness, Lguen- sat made an extensive analysis of the transition from capitals styles to cursive forms in different scripts, and categorises the transfor- mations observed — the Cursive Adaptation Mechanism — in three groups: These new shapes are most prob- ably the result of changes in the procedures, substrates and tools which customarily go along with new uses of writing.

Its crit- points out that it has also been regarded as ics claim, however, that it is totally disconnected from the current a threat to Arab Muslim identity Boukous Imprimerie Impériale Haralambous, Yannis.

tifinagh latin ircam

Projet de norme marocaine. In this case the char- acters have a novel design by Hawad himself Figure 3. The cursive writing would certainly beneit from some testing work, but a good basis tifimagh already available and awaiting use. Once the standard is achieved, the need to extend the Tiinagh typographic repertoire becomes a priority.


The Origins of Writing. Which script for the Amazigh language?

tifinagh latin ircam

Augustin Glückstadt printing house. For her skilled and accurate proofreading, Theresa Millar. Em- phasis on style variance is evident at irst sight.

Subsequently, a more comprehensive ex- ploration on this subject was a commission undertaken by Moham- med Lguensat himself. Adaptations, that is, alterations aimed at an easier rendi- tion of the letterforms, like stroke torsion, angle rounding, changes in starting and inishing points, resizing, relocation, displacement or sloping.

The fact that more than 40 authors had devoted their attention to this subject since the middle of the 19th century illustrates, besides the great interest tivinagh raises, the dificulty it poses.


Clavier Mozabite (Amazigh) – Tira s Tumzabt

The Tiinagh Tifihagh Unicode font represents a milestone in this respect. Meetei Mayek The case of Meetei Mayek — a script used in the Indian state of Ma- nipur to write the Meeteilon language — replicates the pattern of Tiinagh as a writing system that falls into disuse because irxam is re- placed by another one, and that is later claimed as an autochtho- nous cultural asset and eventually reintroduced.

At a text level, uppercase and lowercase letters can be com- bined in different ways to help organise and structure documents, primarily using capital tufinagh at the top of the hierarchy. Writing speed, if not always explicit, is implied in any of the countless charts or diagrams that attempt to illustrate the evolution of the Latin script from majuscules to minuscules Figure 5.

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Yet her proposal Niger, Mali and Algeria. That means that every language using a bicameral script has a set of rules for capitalisation that, as likely as not, differ from each other. Oak Knoll Press lbi. Buzz, informations, astuces, tutos Its origin is still under discussion see Section 2. A writing trial done by the au- drawn clockwise.

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